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David Lynch: Teach Children Meditation

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Started by  on  October 28 2007

Im promoting Transcendental meditation in schools for students because, TM, an ancient form of meditation, really and truly allows any human being to dive within and experience the deepest levels of life.

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added October 29 2007

Well the Straight Story is a terrific film, so I'm going to back Dave on this one.

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added October 30 2007

He's a great example of full-brain creativity. I'm with him.

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added October 30 2007

I think that David Lynch is one of the few creative filmmakers in Hollywood. Meditation and enlightenment are not new ideas, but they certainly dont seem to be being used for some reason. If he thinks he's found a reliable way to give students a chance to "transcend" and experience expansion of consciousness, then it's something I would support trying. The constant debate about things we need to do to improve education dont seem to ever amount to much real change or progress. I think getting students to directly experience expansion of mind and the creative surge it must bring, sounds like doing something basic and important--something more fundamental than the constant reform measures advocate. I read that David Lynch has put $5M into helping schools in poor areas to impliment this. Good for him!

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added November 02 2007

Meditation for UK kids,thats a laugh,most of them are brain dead allready

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